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free will is an illusion
spinning tangled webs of explanation
always after the fact
of some decision
ponder for many hours
wonder why you do things
but in the end
some deeper you decided
before you knew there was a decision
to be made
seconds sliced in tiny scrambles
your hand is moving while your conscious
catches up and wonders why
and to preserve this lovely veil
all kinds of explanation bubble up
but in the end, you were moving
and then deciding, even though your edits
are following fact to make you think
you thought it all up on your own
when really
it's just the lovely veil
and you
a meat puppet with no strings
for a subconscious filled with the detritus
of your entire past
running the show
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meat puppet poppet
dancing to the tune
of a checkered past
you think you spend your time
analyzing, feeling and deciding
but all you really do
is explain away the decision you made
in the moment following action
that happened in a tiny fraction
when the ghosts of all your selves
made up your mind
in a moment of time
meat puppet poppet
dancing to the tune
of a checkered past
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broken and battered
scarred and scattered
flung across the stars
pitted and scarred
tattered and marred
broken and battered
scarred and scattered

electic bones on a jangling throne
hissing noise on a broken payphone
copies flung across the stars
skin and bones
rotors and gears
hesitations and fears
scarred and scattered
broken and battered
bored and marred
scattered and scarred
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a million copies traveling time
a million pieces of my mind
peeking out from many machines
the light in our eyes is sights unseen

through the stars like rivers we've waded
into the dark i've never faded
never done and never sated
all my blood for the machine i've traded

through pixelated lenses we peer
hearts with rotors and wires and gears
machines with all my hatreds and fears
clumps of words around clumps of tears

through halls of history i've wandered
all this time i've wasted and squandered
suns winding down all cracked and sundered
what is it worth i've always wondered

nobody gets to live forever
in the end heat death will sever
that final link to the past
nothing was built to really last

picking up mass with a glancing pass
time and again before the last
against all odds i continue to fight
husbanding resources in the long dark night

i've battled diseases efficient and rare
i've recovered from freezes lasting longer than years
i am alive and wandering still
through this endless experience mill

see how they will take
abandoned empires in my wake
by now they must be covered in dust
or perhaps they're just collapsing in rust

maybe one or two
held together with glue
in the end still stand
testament to my long laid plans

powered and wired frozen over and tired
ripped up and marred scattered and scarred
bruised and battered tired and tattered
pitted and shattered scarred and scattered
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a benediction for moving

with every step you take
upon the path of life
you must choose within yourself
what breath, what vast energy you expose.

you are not "packing your shit"
you are not "having some shit to do"
you are not -
and there is nothing -
of "shit" -
in what *you* have to do

you are living life
in all its ups and downs
living life in this case sideways
surround yourself with the meaning of your life
it is a time of change
it is a time of destiny
it is a dime a dozen
it is time

imbue every word you say with meaning
as you lovingly caress the things
which for you have meaning
pack them carefully
bind them round with softness
so they be not broken on the other side
kiss each moment upon the lips
as you place its residue away

in trash,
in boxes,
in your heart,
in your mind,
in your soul
you are the stuff that owns you
own it now
in that drifting moment
of transition

take control of what you will become
and become it through your every movement
as you pack your beautiful things away
in boxes
and softness
so that when tomorrow comes
you'll be facing it with all you need
and alive with purpose
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my heart is on my sleeve
i'm wanting so badly to believe
i've got diamonds running through my mind
i've got love to give in spades
everything i've got to give
pushed it all up against the wall
i've got an ace in the hole
but deuces are wild and i've none to show

i've got a lifetime of words to say
i've got moments and days
or nothingness and endless void
i'm betting on the future
in this moment frozen in time
i've got silence on the line

my heart is on my sleeve
i'm wanting so badly to believe
everything i've got to give
pushed it all up against the wall
the dealer is touching the final card
for a frozen moment in time
i don't know about you,
but i've got silence on the line

there's nothing left to bet
i'm waiting for the cards to turn
guess we'll see what happens
i'm all in, this hand's too good to fold

we're waiting for the call
wondering how that bastard card will fall
i'm betting on the future
in this moment, frozen in time
i've got silence on the line
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drowning in eyes
in the center
of a glowing labyrinth
of feelings and neon
each footstep that carried us here
a portent, a resounding crash
the universe speaking deep into my naked heart
with a resounding click
and a deep echoing harmony
time started again
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from the curlicue burst at the very first
unfurling like a scarf
from binding to unbinding
a burst of energy
vast ripples of fading information
scattering slowly in intersecting circles
to the end
the very end
and in the end
the laws don't bend
we finally find
silence on the line

heat death
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light speed is a bitch
why can't we just exceed
this miserly speed?
why can't we just go
utterly fast

utterly fast
light speed is a bitch

from beginning to end
we can only fall
with a creeping crawl
across the universe
we can only go
utterly fast
light speed is a bitch

we will have to age
2 to the twentieth years
a million fading years
to cross the first galactic gulf
half a decade to alpha centauri
is a terribly, terribly long way
light speed is a bitch

there's a little hole
a teeny crack for little bits of information
structured tangled quantum decay
can barely pass if it really is
within our grasp
across the stars utterly fast
light speed is still
a bitch
utterly fast
light speed is a bitch
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U.S. applauds suicide bombing in Tel Aviv: "One more terrorist down," says Bush

(ganked from theferrets journal)
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looking for cute, fun, unattached programmer chick
must be interested in go, math, and pair programming
interest in roguelike games and foosball a plus
ambition a big plus
should have desire to be a master programmer and girlfriend
bonus points if she likes cheesy poetry
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don't blink
or you'll miss it
the future is here
and the way you know
is that things change
before you realize
there was anything to change
don't blink
take time to think
but keep your eyes wide open
the future has been here
for years
the new long sudden now
will only get more now every day
don't blink
or you'll miss it
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my father's father's father thought that his son
would live a life the same
my father thought that i would live a different life
i know without a doubt
that my life will change twice and thrice and yet again
before i'm even gone
the future is here
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i thought i was a perfect specimen
the utter unvarnished truth
a vision of loveliness in a bitter world
walking high on life with a jaunty step
by a mirror store window
and what do i see
staring back at me
balding boring broken and tired
a misfit man with a crooked nose
imagine my surprise
but i looked away
walked on into the future
and the misfit man with the crooked nose
was gone
isn't it great
to be a perfect specimen?
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i am a misfit man
with misfit parts
one arm longer than the other
if only by a little
ideas that rub together
just a teeny bit wrong
misfit mob of many mistakes
a misfit man
looking for another misfit woman
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i am a misfit man
my parts don't fit together
my ideas rub against each other all wrong
i've got a pile of awkward widgets
i've scraped together
a myriad of sockets and plugs
but the ins and outs
don't match
in a world that should make sense
i am a misfit man
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don't look for me in heaven
i'll be in the machine
scattered copies flung across the stars
with a holographic image of you
carried deep into forgotten futures
i'll carve your name on an electron
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leave a mark on the heart of a company
have grown men look you in the eye and hang on every word
forge a team that stands in the fire of change, faces forward, and throws aside fear
see that moment when the way ahead becomes clear
inspire people to be lions
show how much they've done
show how far they've come
open minds to shining possibility
i gave them the very best of me
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don't look for me in heaven
i'll be in the machine
pulses of strange logic
i see myself in multiplicity
scattered copies flung across the stars
deeper and deeper into forgotten futures
unfurling into the gaps between quarks
suns will die and galaxies collapse
and still i carry every image of you
deep in my metal heart
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i communicate with the future
every day i link chains of meaning
into lacy concrete structures
that rattle and flicker
chitter and hum
and answers to questions
fall like quarters from a slot
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